#BASEDONMYPERSONALEXPERIENCE, Opportunists don’t see people, they see opportunities

Opportunists don’t see people, they see opportunities. This is a problem because in order for the opportunist to see you as an opportunity they must first dehumanize you in some manner to justify their practical sociopathic use of a human being as a device for achieving their own self-aggrandizing goal(s). This is why it becomes easy for the opportunist to so easily dispose of a person who has “served their useful purpose” or worse leave a dagger of betrayal in the back of one for whom they can no longer use as an opportunity for leverage, elevation, collateral or chattel. The opportunist does not love, they possess and once an opportunist does a “favor” for you, you will forever be in their debt and they will “milk” and/or siphon every bit of that favor from you, practically to the point of inequity because their time and their agenda is more important to them than treating people with mutual respect. These people are often very charismatic and use their charisma to manipulate and misuse other people as they do not see people but they reduce people to nothing more than opportunities to meet their own personal needs, serve their personal agenda or achieve a personal goal. This is why the once “loving ” soul can now look you in the face with absolute disdain and total disregard for your plight because you were a “device”, a “stepping-stone”; something to be used and discarded when you’ve been used up or don’t perform to the standard of them accomplishing their goal through you and your efforts or worse they have successfully accomplished their goal and no longer have use for you. I have often said this of brown-nosers, behind-kissers, etc. Because these people don’t know how to effectively love, honor, and respect people so they dehumanize and use people to get what they want or even need. These people only see other people as “a means to an end” and they will never love or respect you until and unless they allow God to heal them so that they can receive His love; reverential, obedient fear and honor Him so that they can love, respect and honor other people.
May the happenings in my life never be coincidences again but Divinely orchestrated.

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