What A Generosity Of Spirit?, By Ojudu Babafemi, VP Osinbajo visited a community in Abuja known as Jokwei on Wednesday

What A Generosity Of Spirit?
By Ojudu Babafemi
VP Osinbajo visited a community in Abuja known as Jokwei on Wednesday. He was invited by a group of local women who on their own had formed a Buhari Support Group in the neighborhood. We joined them at the community square where we sang , danced, inhaled dust as we shared ideas behind the Next Level with them . At end of the exercise we entered our bus to depart for The Villa.
A young man seeing that Vice President Osinbajo was exhausted and tired ran to a nearby kiosk, bought a loaf of bread and pursued the bus. He caught up with the bus, banged the window calling Osinbajo’s attention to his little gift, his widow’s mite.
The security men were about pushing him away, questioning his audacity when the Vice President asked that he be left alone.
Osinbajo opened his window , gladly accepted the loaf of bread from him and prayed for him for his kind spirit.

KNOW YOUR HISTORY 1, Have you ever wondered why UNN, doesn’t offer chemical engineering as, a course? Here is the reason

Have you ever wondered why UNN
doesn’t offer chemical engineering as
a course? Here is the reason..
This University now known as UNN,
had it’s Chemical Engineering
department permanently closed down
after the war because of the level of
research, developments and
inventions it churned out for the
Biafran soldiers.
Kudos to the renowned Professor
Gordian Ezekwe who led a team of
scientists in what was known as
Biafran Research and Production Unit,
RAP. This think-tank group made up of
Sylvester Akalonu, Benjamin Nwosu,
Willy Achukwu and Okezie confidence
and more were tasked to develop
rockets, bombs, telecommunication
gadgets and develop the fractionation
model used for operating the
modular crude oil refineries designed
and operated by Biafrans.
The refinery that Nigeria can’t build
today was single handedly designed,
and operated by these Biafran
wizards. They refined aviation fuels
that powered their amarnents and
If you had wondered why UNN
doesn’t offer Chemical Engineering as
a course, know that the federal
government of Nigeria closed down
the department for fear of the
devasting knowledge base of the igbo
Pa Edmund Kaine.. Was one of them… Great intelligent igbo sons
Credits:Kamso Nweke

Congratulations Doctor!, DR

Congratulations Doctor!
~ The Chief Medical Director (CMD) of Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido-Ekiti (FETHI), Dr Ebenezer Adekunle Ajayi has just won the World Champion in Angiology (Diabetics) out of other 88 countries in the world.
Dr Ajayi, who hailed from Igogo-Ekiti in Moba Local Government Area of Ekiti State in Nigeria has also been described as most important asset for Nigeria, recognized by International Agency for Standards and Ratings.
World Champion Dr. Ebenezer Adekunle Ajayi is now recognized as Father of modern Macular Hole in Angiology.
The purpose of the award is to identify brilliant scientists and academicians around the world through World Championship.
The World Championship is organized by International Agency for Standards and Ratings at international level. Dr. Ebenezer Adekunle Ajayi, (World Champion and Fellow, Directorate of Angiology, IASR) plays a vital role in advancement of scientific knowledge in Angiology (Diabetics).
World Championship-2018 in Angiology (Diabetics) acknowledges the outstanding international contributions and is selected based on international meritorious competition. IASR extends best wishes for your endeavours enlightening scientific domain with your efforts.
Your research article is winner among 5238 nominations from 86 countries, screened for the World Championship-2018 in Angiology (Diabetics). IASR recognizes Dr. Ebenezer Adekunle Ajayi among World’s 500 Most Influential Experts in Angiology (Diabetics) the Year 2018 on Earth.
Fred Asuquo

So I was scrolling through statuses on whatsapp and I saw a guy say it’s unconstitutional to freeze the CJN’s account

So I was scrolling through statuses on whatsapp and I saw a guy say it’s unconstitutional to freeze the CJN’s account. that the court should have been approached for such order..
I wanted to remind him of the executive order that allows the FG to do that but I decided to thread the part of savagery when I remembered one of his status..
I asked him… But you said you were the 1st person to land a resounding slap on the thief that was caught in your estate in December… He said yes,
why did you not allow the court to decide whether he’s a thief or not… He was quick to respond that the thief was caught in the act so they know he’s a thief… I asked him if the thief denied it.. He said yes… But you went ahead to beat the hell out of him..
So what should we do in the case of a thief that wás caught in the act and did not deny it… At this point he realized I was pointing out his hypocrisy so he decided not to reply me again but I went on to give my conclusion though..
In Nigeria we are quick to crucify thieves who was probably looking for a square meal and pat our slave masters in the back for stealing our roads, good health care, stable power supply et al…since no one has the monopoly of hypocrisy, I think I have the right to be the 1st to slap the CJN sorry the thief we caught at the court premises yesterday..
BABA COLLECTED MONEY TO TILT THE HAND OF JUSTICE WHILE HE WAS PRESIDING OVER A CASE.. THAT SAME CASE LAW WILL BE REFERRED TO AS JUDICIAL PRECEDENCE…. Can’t you see the danger in that… The human part of me thinks corrupt judges should be stoned in the village square…. Father just blow the Trumpet ?

????, Singapore Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, said there were two options for me :, Either I get corrupted and I put my family in the Forbes list…

Singapore Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, said there were two options for me :
Either I get corrupted and I put my family in the Forbes list of the richest people in the world and leave my people with nothing.
I serve my country, my people and let my country be in the list of the best ten economies in the world.
I chose the second option.
Nigerian politicians said, “there were two options for us too, but the second option was already taken by the Singapore Prime Minister”. ???

Biko Read from my Intelligent Doctor??, Honestly , the public space is too emotional

Biko Read from my Intelligent Doctor??
Honestly , the public space is too emotional. But it’s good that awareness and participation has increased.
They condemned him for incoherence. But he has never been more coherent . We all know he is not an orator.
They condemned him too for not but butchering Ganduje?
He said he was overwhelmed by the video clips. The picture of a governor , personally collecting wads of dollars and stuffing his pocket while smiling is patently unNigerian.
That picture seems unbelievable. And that’s the truth. But that doesn’t mean it is inevitably fake. He wondered if technology didnt play a role because the clips were simply surreal.
He said he had faith in the system to expose the truth. The house of assembly is investigating. The matter has gone to court. He hopes that there will be a decision before he arrives Kano for his campaigns.
But they expected him to say ,without more ,that Ganduje is a thief. And to say it publicly
A president cant speak like a taxi driver. And shouldnt act as rashly as Sowore perhaps.
I believe Ganduje collected bribes.
But if I were the president I would not air that belief until there was a clear confirmation of the authenticity of those video clips.
That matter is now subjudice
Then they said he didnt answer the question about what he would do if he lost the elections. He did.
The problem is that they wont credit him with any sense of humour. So whenever he uses a roundabout way to answer a question they say he is incoherent.
He has no gift of the garb. But he has a restrained appetite for unbridled wealth accumulation. And he has political courage.
And he doesn’t think his friends are entitled to any enrichment because he is president too.
Osinbajo played the role of gatekeeper. It’s 4 weeks to the election and the president sometimes shoots from the hip. Osinbajo didnt want any accidents.
Osinbajo was acting the role of a son helping his old father explain his thoughts which they had shared.
Yes , the programme was meant for the public to assess the candidates.
The truth is Osinbajo would do the same for Atiku if they were on same ticket. Yes they can be on same ticket because Atiku says he has repented.
Something showed up last night.
The Buhari Osinbajo ticket is a balanced ticket. One straight , firm and inflexible. The other textured , nuanced and a little pliable.
Buhari’s handicap is not his eloquence.
It’s his village people.
Those hyenas and jackals whom he has failed to dislodge from the corridors of power. They, who have been allowed to litter the whole place with feces in the name of institutional independence.
They make the president look weak and narrow minded.
I wish he could trust Osinbajo to protect him always as he trusted him yesterday. He doesn’t need those liabilities when he has a Kante.
Ugo Egbujo


Wow.. ???.. Bravo!!!!!
Not a CV to sniff at. Erudite professional. Sounds like we have a gem in charge of Police.
Steadily rising through the ranks, Mohammed, from 1997 to 2002, worked as specialised officer at the headquarters of the international criminal police organization (INTERPOL) in Lyon, France.
In 2005, he was an assistant director at INTERPOL. In 2007, he became a director. He was elected and served INTERPOL vice-president responsible for Africa from

Despicable ??, Female Fraudstar, Biko Read??, THEY SAID IT!, STILL ON OFILI AJUMOGOBIA!, “We set out with Justice Ajumogobia to Benin to confirm…

Despicable ??
Female Fraudstar
Biko Read??
“We set out with Justice Ajumogobia to Benin to confirm the authenticity of her claims. On our way, we discovered that the judge was making desperate phone calls to some people.”
“When we found out that she was interrupting our investigations, a mobile phone was seized from her.”
“We also discovered two more hidden under her clothes. When we got to Benin, Ajumogobia denied knowing the location of her land and properties. In frustration, we decided to lodge in a hotel for the night. One of our operatives later found Ajumogobia making calls in the bathroom. We recovered an additional information three phones from her.”
“The next day on our way to Asaba, we recovered three more phones from her,”
…..Rotimi Oyedepo, November 10th 2017
Abass Adetunji

Biko Read ???, Today, Peter Obi will abandon his campaign trail to defend his illegal demolition of Upper Class hotel belonging to Chief Bonaventure…

Biko Read ???
Today, Peter Obi will abandon his campaign trail to defend his illegal demolition of Upper Class hotel belonging to Chief Bonaventure Mokwe at appeal court Enugu. This is a man that demolished a hotel that sustained him as a child.A hotel that accommodated his own mother for a decade without any investigation.
I will like Nwankwo Justin , Eneh Victor Chigozie and Nnanna Nzewi to tell me how a man defending brutal injustice against one of the finest Promoter of igbo culture can give us justice when given opportunity to be vice president.
Bonaventure survived torture through the intervention of God of our land…..
As long as Peter Obi continues to feel entitled as “saint ” and defending his heartless action against obilidike, his journey will end in shame.
He should tender apology to obilidike and plead guilty…..
Okokobioko is your anchor man
Stay tuned
Okeke Godwin Iyke

In Nigeria, judges have more domiciliary accounts than businessmen

In Nigeria, judges have more domiciliary accounts than businessmen.
Please dont ask me what they do with them. Domiciliary accounts are not used to store agbalumo.
The chief justice has so many accounts he forgets to remember them. And he forgets accounts that are pregnant with so much in dollars .
I am beginning to think the rewards of judges are not in heaven. Their salaries on paper may not be attractive . But they all seem to know how to grow very fat accounts here on earth, in Nigeria.
Teachers have to think outside the box. They can see that pastors and the others have made a way where there seemed to be no way.
We were once told that being a judge was respectable but not lucrative. It would seem that Nigerian judges have learnt how to eat their cakes and yet have all of them.
I used to look down on the Immigration service. I used to think they were as poor as Nigerian prisons and Postal services officers . That was until someone explained to me that most middle level immigration officers all owned mansions. Then I thought about it.
Yes, we never have enough passport booklets. And expatriate quotas ? That’s their food.
Me, and my foolishness!
That was how I used to underrate officers of the national ministry of health . Then I learnt of the malaria fund donated by international agencies and how that fund had become the ATM of the privileged civil servants in that dept. Then I learnt of their quiet accumulations .
The sheer number of bank accounts the Chief justice forgot to remember tells a story. I may have been wrong in thinking that nothing was more lucrative in government ,outside politics, than being a Customs Officer.
It’s now perhaps nice to be a Judge
Ugo Egbujo