Well, I just heard someone say that if you preach Moses you will be rich financially but if you preach Christ you are going to suffer

Well, I just heard someone say that if you preach Moses you will be rich financially but if you preach Christ you are going to suffer… that’s why many Pastors have decided to preach Moses but he has decided to preach Christ and that’s why things are a bit tougher for him now ( I wanted to ask him how rich Moses was and where he parked all his private jet oh sorry private donkey and banana island mansion)……. hmmmnnnn PLEASE TELL ME…. how do people get to this point that they believe this Hogwash!!! Now the sad thing is… he was feeding a whole audience of almost 1000 people and they were screaming “YES SIR”
Your teacher will eventually destroy your live or empower your life.
Who you give your ears to determines the direction your life will take.

FOCUS ON YOUR WORK!!! One thing I set out to do 6 years ago when CLC started was to Focus on my work

FOCUS ON YOUR WORK!!! One thing I set out to do 6 years ago when CLC started was to Focus on my work…. this today remains my greatest obsession… if that word fits this conversation.
To look for other people’s pulpit and despise yours is to place yourself under the influence of what I call the curse of familiarity.
The curse of familiarity is when what you have does not tickle you again, it does not excite you again but what someone else’s has becomes your obsession.
Many times, it’s not that they have anything better than you have…they may have something different than you do but it’s many times not better.
I used to say to myself then, we had about 6 members in church, I would say these are the best 12 ears in the world, with mine, it then becomes 14 ears. Since my assignment was to teach them God’s word… I had enough to do the job. Ears!!!
Look for something within the smallness of the stage you are in ministry and encourage yourself. FOCUS SIR AND MA.
Don’t run after relationships and neglect your assignment… if it comes, beautifully embrace it after you have checked your heart about the person and what they represent. Don’t judge people by what someone said…in my little years on earth, I have found that some of the finest souls were once misunderstood. It has happened to me too so I know that for sure.
Try to foster friendships but not for the wrong reasons. Love people genuinely… love them passionately and give to them generously… if you sense they don’t want the friendship… gradually with all kindness let them be… preserve the integrity of any conversation you may have had with them.
But don’t make yourself a door mat simply because you desire to meet them, be invited by them or come into their clique. You don’t need a clique to fulfill destiny. You need God…so stay with God.
Welcome to Freedom!!!

These pictures were taking in 2012 actually

These pictures were taking in 2012 actually…I remember days I walked into church and the devil threw waves of discouragement at me…my mind sometimes asked why I ever left Lagos for Ilorin…one of the days, my mum came to church and told someone to open the door of the restaurant we used for church then, so people could hear me from outside and come into church. She must have thought Oh God help this boy oh!!!
In those moments of assault on my mind, I always called to mind those weeks of traveling from Lagos to Ibadan to have prayer meetings with my girlfriend then Pastor Temitope Areo now my wife. There were prophesies, visions we saw…. truth is that nothing around us now is still close to what God showed us in those prayer meetings but I am grateful to God for the many souls that are saved, taught and established in the kingdom.
In 2017 we had about 1400 souls saved with there details. It’s been a journey of favour and God’s mercy.
Keep teaching, keep reaching the lost, Love people , despise gimmicks, stick to your assignment, leave other people’s platform alone so you can focus. Follow up and then go out and reach the lost again.
The vision will speak…be faithful with little and God will commit more to you.
Don’t let anyone with any fancy teaching deny you the passion to see the work of your hand grow. God wants you to grow.
Hold on to what God said to you. Stay with the prophetic words that God told you and that went ahead of you.
Welcome to Freedom

OF ERROR AND TERROR, MY NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE AND HOW GOD KEPT OUR MINISTRY!!!, Many years ago, I had gone to see an older minister

Many years ago, I had gone to see an older minister… it was nothing, just a courtesy visit. He said a lot of things that blessed me and instructions that any Young minister should take to heart. When we were done, I knelt before him desiring he prayed for me…the first utterance that proceeded out of his mouth was at the time funny to me. He said “ may God keep you from terror without and deliver you from error within”…. he proclaimed many other things and I said ameeeennnnn to those prayers even though some of them were deeper than my level of thought then. I knew he loved me and prayed those words from his bosom. For me, I have learnt not be schooled enough to be a fool. I don’t allow knowledge get in the way of impartation. I NEVER DO IT.
A man can be as eloquent as a rattle snakes tail… it does not equal the anointing.
When I got up to leave, he said to me, almost as if he knew my thoughts…” Terror are injurious activities meted to you from an injurious person without your solicitation like the Bible said
2 Thessalonians 3:1-2
Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you: And that we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men: for all men have not faith.
Wicked and unreasonable men…
but errors are things that by your ignorance, arrogance, foolishness and childishness bring upon yourself… may the Lord keep you from both.”
Fast forward several years after… I had gone to Shoprite to get a shirt for my wife… took the gift bag and sauntered towards my car. I unlocked the car with my key and dropped the bag on the passenger’s seat. I put the key into the ignition and it was then my inner alarm went off. Riiiinnnnngggggg…. Riiiiinnnnnngggg…. Riiiiinnnnngggggg… what is it oh, Lord. I knew something was wrong. My spirit rose up within me and I knew I was in some form of danger. Immediately I noticed a Muslim cleric cap on my dashboard…I saw a Muslim rosary around the gear stick…I looked at the rear mirror and I saw an umbrella.
Who got into my car? Who dropped all these here? How did the person gain entrance into my car… while I pondered on this… I heard a strong voice from within shout “get out now”
With immediate alacrity, I took my bag and got out… as I stepped out and backwards a bit I saw it. It was not my car. I had opened someone’s car with my key… sat down, about to ignite the car and steal their car… at least so it would have seemed to an onlooker. I instantly locked the car and briskly walked away… 2 cars away from the other car was my own car. Same color… same interior… you couldn’t tell the difference…I was about to open my car, when I looked back and saw 4 hefty young men approaching…looking in my direction except they just all got into the car I mistook for my own and zoomed off. My heart raced… thinking what if they met me in the car? This was around the time there was a lot of car theft in Ilorin. What if they mistook me for a thief and did not give me a chance to explain…what if they shouted thief… thief… thief and jungle justice started… oh what if?
This was error…it could have ended my life, my ministry and…. you don’t even what to think of all the aftermath. I am grateful for the precious Holy Spirit that while my mind was deceived to think this was the right car… there is the precious voice of God in me to straighten me out…
Thank God for his protection really!!!
Like the old man prayed for me… may God keep you too from the spirit of terror and shield you from error in Jesus name.
May you be found perfect and complete in the will of the father. May God’s voice be clear to you and may he by his staff keep you away from the path of destruction
Welcome to Freedom.

OF THE BED AND THE FIRE, THE WRITINGS ON THE WALL AND YOUR LIFE IN 2018, He stormed into the lounge with the force of an avalanche, face contorted…

He stormed into the lounge with the force of an avalanche, face contorted in anger, eyes narrowed, mouth tightened, engulfed in rage. I watched as he made his way to her and began to speak icy cold words to the young lady who by now was wearing a look of amazement tucked into embarrassment and adorned with speechlessness.
Strike, strike ,strike he tore at her pride with words coming from a heart that need to thaw. In fact, I thought I saw an icicle at the base of his lips. Piloerection suddenly appeared on my skin and I had to reach for my jacket to restore warmth for he had lowered room the temperature with the frost in his voice .When he left the thermometer read zero .I sat there frozen with mixed feelings. One was pity, the other was wonderment. Everyone in the room was fixated on her, I could tell they didn’t want the scene to end; after all it is gratifying to watch the antics of a lunatic but harrowing to have him as a child. I finally stood up and walked over to my friend. Yes! She was my friend. Before you think I am a bad person for watching her humiliated, you would need a class on history with me as the teacher. I patted her back and pulled her hair as I asked,” what happened again?” but her emotions overtook her and she broke into tears. I had to resist the urge to hold her, lest her husband walked in a second time and start another episode. I stood there as memories flooded my mind, she managed to get her voice and tried explaining what happened to me….and ring! ring!! It was her phone interrupting our conversation. Hello she said amid sobs. She listened attentively to the voice on the other end, her face changed from hurt to horror. I am on my way she muttered and ended the call.
Jumping out of her seat, she picked her car keys and said “ there’s been an accident and my brother is involved” she looked too broken to remember how to change gears so I offered to drive to the hospital. I had hardly pulled over when she jumped out of the car, I followed closely. We were ushered into the ward and gush! It was a sight. Lying on the bed was a mass of barbequed flesh burnt beyond description, he lay there groaning. The nurse said he had been in and out of shock due to pain and dehydration. I asked the nurse what had happened, she told me the neighbors had heard him screaming and broken into his room to find him lying on a bed engulfed in flames. “He was lucky,” she said. What could have happened? I thought. His sister stood outside crying, the sight was too much for her.
I heard my name…he called out to me amidst the pain.
How did this happen? I asked. His response was the most awkward thing ever said:
“It was on fire when I lay down on it,”
“Yes” he groaned, “the bed was burning when I lay on it.” Did anyone push you?” No! “
Who set the mattress ablaze? “I don’t know”
He said he just came out of the bathroom, saw the bed burning and he lay on it. Something didn’t add up, he messed up my arithmetic, yes, he was an adventurous guy in his late twenties but not one with suicidal ideation. Very sweet chap, fun to be with and extremely generous. But why did he do this to himself? Any answer please? I went out and told his sister what he had told me. She suddenly looked like Alice in wonderland. While she found all this confusing, I was connecting the dots. I saw a common thread. “Is he mad?” She asked. “Is something wrong with him?” She inquired. “Was he drunk?” She quizzed.
I bet these questions would have crossed your mind too. A few words that describe his action are CRAZY, SUICIDAL, MANIAC, PSYCHOPATH, but before you choose one of these and label him, please be careful. You might be labeling yourself.
Haven’t we all done the same in different areas of our lives? When the bed was on fire but we lay on it regardless. When trouble was imminent but we went on. Engulfed in the inferno of crazy, emotional decisions. We’ve sustained burns of different degrees. Now we are a mass of barbequed flesh. Broken and hating the world for our choices.
He had lied to you a few times, slapped you a couple of others, yet you married him. The job was going to take you away from your family, but you took it, now you wonder why you’d become a stranger to your own children.
The doctor warned you about the health issue and gave you counsel but, No, alcohol is too good to let go, cigarettes too fly to quit smoking. She slept with your friends but you excused it, now you are wondering how come she cheats on you after you have tied the knot. Hand writings on the wall.
The lady I introduced to you earlier on, my friend, and the sister to the burnt fellow, like her younger brother saw the bed ablaze during dating but chose to lie on it by marrying him. He had embarrassed her before, disgraced her at other times but like a lot of us, she told herself he’d change when they marry. FIRE! Imagine how long you’ve been trying to change yourself with little success. What makes you think you’d be able to change some else?
Don’t deceive yourself. Don’t lie on that bed. The damage could be irreparable.
The next time you sit to have a conversation with yourself over any issue, situation or subject I sincerely hope you pass a polygraph test!
In 2018 please don’t lie on burning bed.
I love you.

DEAR STARTER : Of Friendships in Ministry, The Basics and 10 things that you should never despise!!!, Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, Two are better than one;…

DEAR STARTER : Of Friendships in Ministry, The Basics and 10 things that you should never despise!!!
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10
Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him
Relationships are crucial in ministry. Woe to the man that stands alone. He is at the door steps of trouble… but many despise some basic requirements for friendship and eventually pay for it. We may quote scriptures alike, it’s not enough, that we have the same spiritual parents isn’t enough, that we live in the same city isn’t enough, that we teach along the same line isn’t enough if the following things mean nothing to you.
If ever I walk away from a relationship or I keep my distance from one, it’s usually due to something within these 10 reasons . Please Sir and Ma, these will save you from heartbreaks and headaches!!!
Now this!!!
1) if they want to compete with you. If they see friendship as a competition rather than complimenting each other. RUN!!!
2) if friendship means I must preach for you…then run. Nothing corrupts friendships like this one here
3) if relationships mean fashion to them. Meaning it’s about who is trending in the body of Christ. If you don’t run, they will soon change you like a singlet too. Such people lack commitment and despise loyalty.
4) If they feel they are better than you and want you to lick their boot for the friendship to stay alive. In such relationships you will be down trodden and taken advantage of
5 ) if their perspective is THE ONLY TRUTH and yours is never correct. In such relationships the truth is always one sided. Even when they are wrong, they wouldn’t see it and they also will never take your advise even if you see them heading for the canyon
6 ) if they respect you but despise your spouse. This is dangerous. Take it from me. Whatever they claim they have for you is false. They can’t honor you and not honor yours
7 ) if they call mundane what you call holy. It means they lack respect for things that are sacred to you. They talk down consistently on matters that are dear to your heart.
8 ) if you can’t count on their defense for you while absent. They join the party that tear you apart. Walk away. Your mistakes are not safe here.
9 ) if their appetite for money, materialism, fame and other matters is stronger than their reasoning then RUN!!! Such a man will not die guiltless!!! I mean run Sir and Ma
10 ) Lastly if these 9 things mean nothing to them… you have found yourself trouble
Welcome to Freedom

Today is Pastor Ibk’s Birthday, there are many things you can say about him

Today is Pastor Ibk’s Birthday, there are many things you can say about him… his heart for people, his faithful spirit, a dependable arm but what best describes him is that HE IS A CHRISTIAN….I mean that in the literal meaning of the word and not the projected meaning.
I celebrate you today and pray for God’s increase on all you do. God lifts you and show you his favour in an unusual way. God sends harvest to you in things money can buy and can’t buy.
Happy Birthday Pastor. We love you

DEAR PILGRIM: Of Handel, Beethoven, You and Fathom At The OPERA, Hey, don’t even fall for the temptation of trying to edit the title, you…

DEAR PILGRIM: Of Handel, Beethoven, You and Fathom At The OPERA
Hey, don’t even fall for the temptation of trying to edit the title, you knowledge freak! These are my thoughts and not Gaston Leroux’s Phantom of the Opera!
There is a world of difference between a ghost and depth of comprehension. Just relax and give me your mind.
She held my hand as we walked into the already crowded theater and we were welcomed by a potpourri of colognes.”Do we have a reservation upstairs?”She asked as she tickled me for the hundredth time in one night while I gingerly pulled her towards the stair hall. Climb, climb, climb and finally we settled into our chairs. It’s been one heaven of a honey-moon. Breakfast was at Madrid, lunch and a little shopping at Milan and now the city of love at the Salle Favart, Paris.
Though it’s been two weeks since we got married, it felt like a few minutes ago. Oh! What joy! I remember a stranger slipped a note into my pocket on our wedding day and it read
“You are the only mortal in-law of Zeus enjoy a blissful life with Aphrodites”
The mould broke after her nose was crafted and the ink finished after her eyes were colored, little wonder the rest of you have black iris. She’s a work of divine art. The only perfect face you’d ever see. Kindness crystallized, humility on two legs, instinct like a razor. MORE? Simply be our guest.
I watched with utmost gratitude to the resplendent sculptor for this gift while she reached into her bag and brought out the opera glasses.
Tonight is a special night, not just because I’m with her but also because history was being made in France. The world of opera was experiencing a fusion, the first of its kind. A merging of two orchestra. A mélange of symphony and opera orchestra, all in one place and on the same stage: Acting, vocals, and full instrumentation. Whoever thought of this?
Lights out and the first scene began, something suddenly felt strangely familiar. Second scene and then a musical number. The conductor was celestially excellent as he, with great dexterity paints music on the canvas of space. DO, LA ,SO, MI ,FA. His silent manual gestures indicating meter, increasing tempo, signaling entries and with great bravura setting the tone for the most educative evening of my life.
Now although, this was my maiden trip to Paris, I was experiencing a déjà vu. There was something about the whole setting I’d seen before. The assortment of the evening reminded me of something that eludes my consciousness: A foggy reminder of something that once was. I spent the rest of the evening probing my memory for answers.”
“What’s wrong with you?”she asked.” nothing really” I responded.” it just feels like I’d seen all these before.” she smiled sweetly and said jokingly “it happens, maybe in your former life.”
Finally, the night came to an end with a standing ovation. It was the most beautiful night in the history of opera and I was glad to be present.
I stood up and waited for her to adjust like she always does, pulling at the waist of her dress as she stamps both feet simultaneously often with a “WHAT?” expression on her face. We left the theater and just as I raised my hand to stop a cab…I REMEMBERED. It came to me with the force of a charging bull.
The opera, the one we just saw and listened to, the grandest ever, was simply my life on stage for all to behold and not just mine, it was your life also. Wait a minute, let me fill you in.
We’ve been through some terrible things and we have lost some dear ones. We have been rejected a couple of times and let down a number of others. Splendid moments we’ve had and numerous gifts we’ve received. You’ve had good friends and Judas’ you’ve met. You know what it means to laugh and sorrow you are familiar with. Is there anyone facing pressure? Is there anyone who feels like throwing in the towel? You are in deep mess right now. Someone just jilted you and you are bitter and close to tears. Relationship at the brink of break up? God hasn’t treated you right .You trusted him with a loved one and He let him die. He didn’t keep his end of the bargain. God disappointed you in short.
You see, sometimes life can be like an orchestra with different notes ,that break-up is a DO from a viola, the job loss is RE from a cello, the departure of the loved one is MI from a clarinet, the new house God gave you is a FA from an oboe, the SO you are hearing is the new car you drive. Your beautiful child is a LA from a bassoon. The mess you are in is a TI from a flute, that part of your body that makes you insecure is a DO from a double bass.
Now the problem with us is that we listen to these notes in isolation and it really doesn’t sound pleasant. I mean, if you’ve ever pressed a key on a piano or blown air into a flute just once you’d agree with me it doesn’t make any musical sense. Yet these same sounds are what make an orchestra, except the word symphony is introduced to it and God is a master of rhythm.
You see, God is like the conductor of an orchestra, while you see isolated notes, He sees melody. I think we judge him too quickly. He takes your DO, RE, MI…and arranges it in a manner that not even Beethoven, Handel nor could Mozart ever dream of piecing together. And you know what? When He’s done, He then invites kings and queens to watch you being showcased as a grand piece of orchestra.
Did someone just break your heart? Do you feel frustrated? Are you glad or sad? The appointments and the disappointments. Don’t worry, the music is forming and you’d be showcased at the opera Sydney oh, sorry the Opera of the Universe.
Have you read psalm 66:11-12 before? I think you should, only then could you fathom what I learnt at the opera.
Psalm 66
11) thou brought us into the net; thou laid affliction upon our loins
12) thou caused men to ride over our heads; we went through fire
through water; but thou brought us out into a WEALTHY PLACE.
It’s all going to work out for you good.

CELEBRATING REV GEORGE @ 60 I consider it a huge honor to be able to celebrate Baba and be with him on his birthday today

CELEBRATING REV GEORGE @ 60 I consider it a huge honor to be able to celebrate Baba and be with him on his birthday today. 6 years ago relocating to Ilorin for the work of the ministry was a huge step for us and the man that came to my heart to look at was Rev George Adegboye. The Lord raised for himself a global voice from the Emirate City of Ilorin in the person of Baba. There are many things to say about Baba, from his very very veeeerryyyy large heart, to the down to earth manner and approach to things, his frankness and his discipline but of all graces I have seen in him the most amazing is his heart for God, the gospel and the children of God. We join the world to celebrate a true Apostle to the nations literarily, a man of depth and simplicity, the one through whom many generals have risen and a true gift to the body of Christ. Happy Birthday Baba!!! We celebrate you Sir.

Dear Young Pastor!!! Please just pause and think! Come out of auto pilot for a second now

Dear Young Pastor!!! Please just pause and think! Come out of auto pilot for a second now. Does it not amaze you that someone craves and teaches a lot about followership, sonship and fatherhood yet… he follows no one…has no father and yet a son to none!!! Maybe you should just pause and think a bit. You may have converted your life and ministry to a snooker ball on a snooker board and guess what….you are about to be ported Sir. This is just basic stuff now!!! It’s more elementary than doctrinal stuff. #NotesfromPM