Sometimes last week, I got online to a Muslim lady posting this and asking why this “Christians are like this”?, First I questioned, was it that…

Sometimes last week, I got online to a Muslim lady posting this and asking why this “Christians are like this”?
First I questioned, was it that the Muslim clerics do no wrong? Is it that donations are not made the mosques? Do they always use it… Am not giving an excuse for some abnormalities in Christendom… I just feel… Christianity has lapsed into too much liberalism… Neither warm nor cold…. That anyone feels they have sole right to criticism…
Just asking… Apologies to my Muslim bledens…
Now to the koko…
I have listened so much to this very teaching, am sorry… I see nothing wrong here. Here is a woman, saying… Go do something with purpose… Your purpose isn’t just to give birth.
Some said she used condensing words… “colossal disgrace”… My sister, if all you do… Is wait for a man to always bring, buy or give… You are more than a colossal disgrace… You are a monumental and an erected disgrace… Your mumu is highly recommended.
She preached to her audience… Not you, if you don’t like how she spoke to her audience… Park well! Before that, think, financial independence!
Weeks ago, a lady who probably left her job to be a hand on mom… And be a very submissive wife, to breed and bleed for her husband.. Was divorced by her husband. Save me the story of… Hand on moms are doing hell of a job… But do they get paid?… Get a paid job… Be a hand on… For your family, it’s a fantastic choice but please, please, get a store, invest… Do something… Prepare your kids lives with your husband too… Financially!
Submission is very different from stupidity… The first helps you support your home not make you a burden…
If she had bashed men… We would have come out to say… Ohhh… What a feminist piece okwaya. Shame!
She goes ahead to make an analogy of “financial independence” as a literature student, we call some… Hyperboles and we call some… What’s that understatement… One bikonu!
She says if your husband asks for one million… Here… She wasn’t talking about herself… She was talking about you… Aiming for the top… And some shallow minded people were asking, how many people can afford 50k?
At your level then… If your husband asks for 10k and you can’t give… My sister… You are a total disgrace!
Where am thinking of stepping up as a lady, my husband should be asking for 1billion… Some people are still rotating on their poor mentalities… I million… Just million…
Funny enough, I don’t even have a ten percent of it in my account now… But I am so… Thinking of blowing hard… Blowing is not meant for men alone…
Bottom line… After rotating… After explaining how much of a hand on mom… You are… #BefinanciallyIndependent
Sell bra, sell pants, make zobo, create a niche, volunteer, teach, it helps you be a better mom.
The reason why the world is here, is because… We want people to keep grinding us an ass for our failures.
My sister… Step up… A million is obere ego… Sikin seng.

Dear Teens, Saying, “it’s easier said than done”, is a form of staying in a state of inactivity about a situation that isn’t expected to be

Dear Teens, Saying, “it’s easier said than done”, is a form of staying in a state of inactivity about a situation that isn’t expected to be. Take daily inventory of what you want your life to be like, model and fashion yourself into it daily. Learn to take action about situation that bellies your success. No one will do it for you! Rather than than the above statement… Use… “it’s better handled now than in the future”. If you have some friends, that kind of, make your steps slower and faintier, they have no future ambitions per say… Break out… I know you will say, “it’s easier said than done” Nah.. “better handled now than later”. If you are having an unhealthy crush that affects your study… And makes you less productive… Bros… Sis… Teen, break out… It’s easier…. Handled now… Than…. Later! Be intentional about your life and success… Don’t leave kokoro to n je idi efo (insects that nibs your healthy vegetable). Say… It’s better handled now… Better done with, now thannnnn… Together? Laterrrrrr… Have a good day, Sweetness. Dobis Joy

Here in Ibadan, just here my sister, my younger sister, I never knew was being molested my her teacher

Here in Ibadan, just here my sister, my younger sister, I never knew was being molested my her teacher. She never said anything and till today, I hated that I did not suspect something was wrong. Like, around April, 4 months ago abi, during the easter vac… she came home complaining that her inside is peppering her. I made a joke that, since she would not wash her bum well. I gave her tips and all. Each day… She keeps shouting when she she went to urinate. She attends one of the prestigious schools around my area, so I assumed their toilet has become infested. So, I told her not to put her bum on the toilet while peeing. I could hold it no longer, so I took her to the clinic… We got there to find that her vagina had different shades of blue black to deep red and has swollen. What kind of disease is this for a Jss3 girl. The doctor to my confusion, said it wasn’t a disease and ask that I spoke to my sister. That was where story started. My sister I called the school that evening… And like craze, I ran down there the next morning as though i would eat up the man. He was sacked but that for me wasn’t enough. The school apologized profusely… He had been dipping his shoemaker hands into my sister. I ran mad! I wanted him dead, but my sister, kept crying that she would be shamed. I was sent to you and my sister, semilore is doing well and better. That’s her test results. Thanks for what you did with her. God bless you. Dobis Joy Tender Hearts and Cares ******** Lots of messages have been sent to be published… Been quite busy. Just so you know that, people go through these things… It’s no jokes. don’t make it a man thing… we know

I hate to hear words like

I hate to hear words like… it’s not happening. so I decided to pick recent incidences. those that happened in 2017. #FIRSTSERIES ***** My name is Detola and I finished from the University of Ibadan in 2015, by 2016 we were ready to serve Nigeria. Being a young vibrant girl, I read psychology and wanted to have a dream outside the country. Immediately after my NYSC, I began writing letters to companies abroad and visiting centres who advertised as Travel Agents. That was how I came about a man… Called Mutau. He said he would call me when he sees an opening. After one week, he got an opening in Oman, in a hospital and my bill was to be a million naira. I paid off and the arrangements for travel started. After three weeks, I was escorted by my family to the airport, where I took off to my… Des… I meant death. Getting to the airport, I knew something was wrong, there were girls everywhere and I saw them being catered away like animals. Like immediately, the man showed me my picture and collected my international passport. I protested and told him… I wanted to go home but he said, you have been paid for. My journey from one boss to another… Meeting other girls, some pregnant, some looking haggard. We were made to sleep with different men, get pregnant and give baby. We were to be injected and weakened to be slept with by their animals. We were injected to be like power horse to work as slaves. We were islamised. Everyday, each sleeping with looks like… A shred of my skin was taken away… One day, got gave me an opportunity, I called my brother, the bargain and threat started. I was released , at the Nigerian airport, my mum cried and still cries for not protecting me. I wrote to UN, and I was told to write my story that brought me to you Adaobi Joy. Thanks for writing my story to be submitted to UN. young girls need protection. *****Thanks for sharing Detola, happy I was of help****** Dobis Joy Tender Hearts and Cares

In the spirit of the discourse around a girl child

In the spirit of the discourse around a girl child. I did some documentaries… Where I spoke to several ladies. And I will be sharing the transcripts… It’s not just a season and time… To mark the register by being paying a placard number or have a design over your head. It’s a time to question tradition. A large percentage of girl children in Nigeria is being raped Coerced into marriage Have less access to education And are more disadvantaged during conflicts … This year… We are talking… “Empowering adolescent girls during and after conflicts”. Don’t touch the dail!

#UNon Girl Child Based on statistic Every 10 minutes, somewhere in the world, an adolescent girl dies as a result of violence

#UNon Girl Child Based on statistic Every 10 minutes, somewhere in the world, an adolescent girl dies as a result of violence. In humanitarian emergencies, gender-based violence often increases, subjecting girls to sexual and physical violence, child marriage, exploitation and trafficking. Adolescent girls in conflict zones are 90 per cent more likely to be out of school when compared to girls in conflict-free countries, compromising their future prospects for work and financial independence as adults. ******* On Frontier TV today… We discussed empowering the girl child during and after conflicts. Every child is this important, however we live in a society that makes it very difficult for a girl child to boom. It’s quite disheartening to know that a country Nigeria, refuses to celebrate today fully as a time to make a statement to the girl and boy child. Aren’t we all a product of our society and aren’t we all taking sides to what the society and our tradition bargained. The time is right for adolescents to be shown the way ahead, help them focus on their strengths and capabilities, help them build and grow to the highest of their potentials. To every girl child who have lived and is still living their potentials. To you… I want to say… Fly… Don’t perch! hanks Princess Aderonke Adeola ‘Mide for inviting me to talk

I just finished one of my online course classes with Prof

I just finished one of my online course classes with Prof. Jim. He has been teaching a whole lot on “the process of counseling”. He had said in one of videos… ” the reason why you can’t change a client isn’t because you do not have the power but because you always want to jump to the thereafter -#Solutions”. To proffer solutions, you ought to know the problem, understand how and why your client got there, you “retrace and then erase”. You cant erase without retracing. Anytime you will to erase before retracing, you get your client depressed and you get unhappy for not getting results. After about 1hr45mins lectures that got me glued. He gave an assignment… “think about a situation where you have tried to erase entirely without having to go back to how and why the problem started” ***** I have been thinking… Lots of time, you want to jump into giving people solutions without knowing exactly what the problems were. If you don’t deal with issues, even when the solution is close and working perfectly. The problem keep coming to overshadow the solutions. The problem isn’t with whom you talk to… It’s not something demon… It’s the problem sprouting. ***** No wonder it never works when you wish to use the spiritual measures in clearing situations immediately they are introduced to you. Meet someone who probably struggling with an addiction and probably doesn’t believe in what you believe. trust us, you jump into situations by praying and casting… Don’t forget binding … even when it ceases for the moment. they keep going back… because… you did not retrace, erase and reintroduce another power in there…. No matter what you carry *retrace *erase *reintroduce *monitor *trust #justThinking #HappyCounselling #teenCounselling #psycho-counselling #TeamProfJim

I tried talking the experience of women somewhere, and the guys turned it about men

I tried talking the experience of women somewhere, and the guys turned it about men… The issues of a girl child, isn’t just feminism… Until then… You might want to stop making it about you. If we don’t take care of things like this, of we don’t talk about traditions and roots… We all… Both the men and women… The society will eat of its crumbs. Am absolutely not talking about Somalia… Somewhere in Nigeria… Many places… This still go on… Trying to equate experiences of a girl child… Is like… Saying No to humanity. If our children will fly, let’s talk this. Let’s talk… A boy being giving more benefits… Let’s talk… A girl being taught to be a wife and woman… Let’s talk the education we deride our boy children of… Let’s talk society norms and traditions… Let’s talk… Balance… Let’s talk health… A girl can also carry a heirloom… Nothing wrong. If you think feminism is more about… Disobedience, about wife husband tuggle for headship… If you think it’s about being a career person… If you think mundane things… Check the next bus stop… Am ain’t your fan

Southern and Middle belt coalition have called for the removal Prof Makmud Yakubu as Inec chairman insisting that there is every tendency he would…

Southern and Middle belt coalition have called for the removal Prof Makmud Yakubu as Inec chairman insisting that there is every tendency he would compromise the results of the 2019 polls to rig his cousin Buhari back into office based on accumulated incidents.
Do you know those in the forefront of opposing these Southern and Middle belt coalition’s call? Fellow Southerners! Masquerading as various Rights activists and professionals, they accused the coalition of ethnic sentiments for calling for Makmud’s removal. Come and see where they are quoting laws and blowing grammar to justify Makmud’s appointment and commend his efforts while berating the coalition.
Slavery of southerners in Nigeria is caused by southerners, not northerners. How can Buhari, a northerner, appoint his cousin as electoral umpire in a country of about 300 ethnic groups and you expect elections he conducted to be free and fair and not manipulated to favour his uncle? A southern and middle belt coalition raised alarm over this anomaly and called for change and fellow southerners started blowing grammar to oppose them.
There is every tendency that Buhari is going to rig 2019 elections using his cousin at Inec and this portends danger to every democracy. Sometimes one feels like southerners should war among themselves to purge themselves of intellectual criminals and idiots masquerading as their spokesmen. Southern Nigeria would remain slaves of the north as long as intellectual criminals and politically correct fools continue to meddle in their push for freedom. They are here fighting themselves while Buhari and his brother are perfecting strategies to perpetually keep them down.
– Okey Igbokwe


1. Under PDP:
Nigeria Sovereign Wealth Fund
2. Under APC
Nigeria Sovereign Fertilizer import & Distribution Ministry
They were only contributing money to NSIA because they wanted to use the same funds to import fertilizer.
They could not spend directly because Nigeria Federal Government exited the fertilizer trade prior 2015….the APC has used ourSoverign Wealth Savings to buy fertilizer from Morroco..
Under whose authority?
What is most annoying but not surprising, the NSIA fertilizer scheme is operating at a loss
I say it again, Buhari is an economic disaster.
– Kalu Aja