Happy birthday Shallom Jiwoksani Tanimu

Happy birthday Shallom Jiwoksani Tanimu. Your celebration start today not in the afternoon. Because it’s your birthday today the weather is shining bright so also the moon. Shallom likes environment that’s cold and cool. Shallom is friendly and quite. She doesn’t eat food with hand but spoon. She likes watching documentaries and cartoon. She love colours blue and maroon. Shallom is wonderful and likes anything good. Shallom is fan of jacket hood.
Shallom Jiwoksani Tanimu is born on the fifteen of May not thirteen. She’s a brilliant child right from her kindergarten. She’s not fat but tin. Shallom is a fan of Comedian Mr Bean. She’s still the Shallom i know she never change her pin. Her dad is not King but she’s his next of kin.
Shallom Jiwoksani Tanimu is from Kaduna state. She’s now leaving at Gono gora housing estate. Shallom and came from during the same state. She’s my senior not mate. Shallom is the daughter of Tanimu not Belget. She’s a such that forgive and forget. Shallom Tanimu is a woman of faith.
Shallom Jiwoksani Tanimu is a lady of a commendable character. She doesn’t eat bread without butter. Shallom is ajebota. She drives car not mota. Shallom never lacks data. My friend Shallom feel better. Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) gives her knowledge and character.
Shallom Jiwoksani Tanimu is a woman of passion. She likes Tv programme channel fashion. Shallom beauty attract attention. She accept mistakes and takes correction. Shallom girl is against bribery and corruption. Shallom raise up motion and support women in action. Shallom is proudly of her country Nigeria as a nation.

Happy birthday Okpongete #Eddyboy Douglas

Happy birthday Okpongete #Eddyboy Douglas. He likes wearing specs popularly known as glasses. He’s friendly and easily trusted. He had music going at the full blast. He’s respectful and my senior in class. He leaves beard like grass. He used music to reach out people in mass. He once told me ” To always focus on the future not the past” He has fans bcoz he thinks fast. Eddyboy Douglas never in anything comes last but first bcoz he always put he’s ideas across.
Eddyboy Douglas is Customer Assistant at Cool fm. He blast music at Fm radio not Am. I respect him bcos he speaks like a man not woman. He plays all artist song plus Boy 2men. We chat sometimes on facebook and BMM. Keep the fire burning my man!
Eddyboy Douglas is now leaving at Abuja Gwarinpa. He’s a DJ/ Tv producer not philosopher. Eddyboy Douglas has knowledge in photography so you call him a photographer. He respects both mama and papa. He’s from Lagos state not Ankpa. Eddyboy Douglas works in a media house not Nepa.
Okpongete Eddyboy Douglas is thirty four today. Hurray! Today is 24th of May and it’s Wednesday. Where are we celebrating it, i mean your birthday? I celebrate with you Eddyboy Douglas how are you today?

Before my sub will expire lemme quickly do dz, There is a saying that there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother or sister

Before my sub will expire lemme quickly do dz
There is a saying that there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother or sister…yes Racheal is that friend.. I remember those days u made my hair for free,when u bought clothes for me and we both encouraged each other during jamb and post ume ,I remember a lot of things but let me stop here.
You are kindhearted and God will bless you.
Happy birthday in advance baby
P.s..dz gal is young ohhhh very young but she’s serving her country now.I know some slay Queen still writing jamb!!!

Happy birthday to my beautiful MAMA

Happy birthday to my beautiful MAMA…ikre Lynda enifome
Dz gal loves CLASFON to the bone…she is ever ready to sacrifice her time and resource just for CLASON.
Dz bosslady is very meticulous… In short clean and proper..she’s one person I know that commands respect…my madam that taught me that “self esteem is not pride”
As u celebrate my prayer is for u to make heaven at last and prosper in all ramification.
Lynda is too beautiful I concur!!!!

Happy birthday to this beautiful queen who knows me too well

Happy birthday to this beautiful queen who knows me too well…dz gal can tell when am happy or sad.one beautiful thing about her is that she’s peaceful and knows how to handle matters of the heart in a very diplomatic way.
Goody you ve bin a bundle of sweetness to your mum and sister.. As you celebrate your birthday today, may God uplift you and give u good success.Continue to bask in the euphoria of God’s awesomeness.
PS: pls guys tell somebody that know somebody that a queen was born today

A visit to USA based constituents

A visit to USA based constituents. I came back yesterday from United States on a self sponsored trip to United States. The trip was to keep my constituents based in the USA abreast with happenings at home our local government the State and Nigeria in general. It was also to solicit their support in sponsoring some projects in the local government as most times Government can’t do it all. My first point of call was Texas. I was overwhelmed by the reception. My constituents in Texas has a functional and strong umbrella association. In my meeting with them on the 8th of July i was briefed on the numerous projects they have executed in their various communities with funds raised by them all verifiable. From renovation of health centers to provision of chairs in schools. But the icing on the cake was the free health clinic established by the Chairman of the forum Doctor Adugba in his community Ekwe. The forum in Texas was highly interactive and poor me who only looses weight abroad left that night with an extra two inches in my waist line with sumptuously prepared Igbo dishes with the best goat meat i have tasted in a long while. My two projects which are getting adequate electricity by changing the current source of power to Isu LGA and providing vehicles to make the motor park which i constructed and donated to my local government last year functional got support. Two of my constituents really overwhelmed me Petus Nwoke a Sheriff or Police officer took me every where and picked up some tabs for me( i almost had a heart attack when he came to pick me up 1am on my arrival in police uniform ( Thought i was on my way to jail not recognising him) and Ike Iwunna the manager of the prestigious Marriott Hotels moved me from my low income Hotel into a luxurious Marriott apartment free.
My next call was the State of New York. My friends one of my constituents Chuba Ohams hosted me from lodging me in another Marriott suite( almost had a heart attack when i discovered the cost per night) and ensured i got around and provided me with transportation wherever. He hosted the New York meeting and mobilised my constituents. The meeting was interactive and rewarding. I had an out pouring of support. Unfortunately Isu Local Government had no formal organisation in New York and i got a firm promise from them to form one.
Chuba also gave me Dollars to buy bread on my way home. I wish to really appreciate all my constituents For their hospitality and support. Isu truly has people who matter. Thank you all and may God continue to prosper you and keep you safe.

Taboo discus Secession or Inclusion?

Taboo discus Secession or Inclusion?. I went for a program today somewhere in Owerri and i saw my brothers of IPOB proudly kitted out in their uniforms with its attendant insignia on their caps and i wonder what are we asking for. Is it to make the third leg in the tripod( Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo) making up Nigeria relevant as the Nigeria Project appears to be balancing comfortably on two legs( Hausa and Yoruba) or just run away and allow these two legs have it all? In running who is the biggest losers? I challenge any one to point at any building or Business premises owned by an Hausa or Yoruba person in the whole of South East. Meanwhile in State Capitals and emerging urban cities across the Nation one in every ten building is owned by an Igbo man and one in any five flourishing business is equally owned by an Igbo man. Now talking realistically are these thousands of our Igbo brothers and sisters willing to sacrifice all for an ideology? Hmmmm. This quest for secession is rampant even in our communities. We currently have 644 autonomous communities in Imo State which we decieved our self we got to get more from the government. The blunt truth is that 70% of men want to be kings. If a village has an issue with the existing Monarch the solution is to run to the House of assembly and collect your own kingdom and of course the poor Member of the House of Assembly always on the look out for the next election obliges you and here we are today 644 and counting. And i ask are we with these mind boggling number of communities more developed than Edo and Lagos States with their fewer kingdoms? Of course not. With our agitation for independence i fear that eventually what is happening with every village becoming autonomous community every State in the South East will become a country. Just think about it. Federal Republic of Imo, Federal Republic of Anambra etc. Then after some time Isu Local Government will be Federal Republic of Isu. My brothers and sisters for those of us like me with no war experience its i believe it’s better to watch it on television. Nneoma Nkechi Okorocha says and i quote ” You are marginalised when you allow yourself to be marginalised” We have since after the war concentrated on getting our groove back and didn’t realise the Nigerian project which our brothers died for has been hijacked and on realising it instead of agitating for restoration of our rights in this project want to run away. We are a proud and resourceful tribe with the best brains in the world i advice we go about getting our leg restored on that tripod instead of running away. The State of Texas and Colorado in the United States is bigger than Nigeria yet they are part of America. Lets work things out instead of running away. Biko nu no vex o!

Appreciating an inspiring ,resourceful blind man, Wisdom Nnadi aka Ndugba my DG

Appreciating an inspiring ,resourceful blind man, Wisdom Nnadi aka Ndugba my DG. I am filed with gratitude for my DG who successfully mobilized my LGA and ensured I emerged the first ever female member of Imo State House of Assembly since the creation of my LGA. You might wonder why this encomium for a DG? You see my DG is a physically challenged not in limbs, but he is BLIND. I believe I am the only political candidate in Nigeria coordinated by a BLIND person. How come he became my DG you may wonder? I gave a speech on the invitation of an NGO in 2014 he was Chairman and the next day he was at my house in Owerri offering to be my DG. I was taken aback but he assured me that I shouldn’t mind his blindness that whatever any man with sight can do he will do double. In his words ” I will work with you not for you” His courage moved me and I put him in charge. Within one week he organized my campaign structure and the rest is now history. My opponents sniggered and laughed with their all seeing DG’s but with my very BLIND DG I won!! I will ever remain grateful for this courageous, blunt spoken man (according to him why can’t he tell you the truth after all he can’t see your expression) and resourceful man. Unlike most politicians with sight, Ndugba runs a successful business in drinks, operates a poultry and is a land agent. He is an epitome of strength in disability. So for those of our brothers and sisters with Disabled limbs who believe it entitles them to sympathy and alms if a blind man can succeed in steering a green horn to the House of Assembly you can find other sources of revenue apart from begging. Ndugba remains my DG till date. Any task has his signature statement “consider it done” and it’s done! Thank you NDUGBA.

Rehabilitation of markets in Isu local government

Rehabilitation of markets in Isu local government. I had a meeting in the palace of Eze. Anyakudo with the Traditional rulers of Ekwe and Ebeoma Ekwe, Eze, Okorojo the Nze, and chiefs of both communities yesterday. The meeting was in furtherance of my plan to reconstruct and hopefully modernise markets in my constituency in direct partnership with the communities. Traders deserve to ply their wares in clean and comfortable environment protected from the elements. They also deserve to have a safe place to keep their wares at night not logging it to and fro every day. Am highly elated by the out pouring of support from everyone that attended the meeting and I fervently hope I will not disappoint them. The strategy I used in Afor Umuaka reconstruction will be brought to play. I hope that our sons and daughters in diaspora will support the project. While my intention is to do the trio of Orie Ekwe, Nwoisu and eke amadugba all other markets are on the time table.