Happy birthday to you #Hamza Akoh Shu’aibu man on blue

Happy birthday to you #Hamza Akoh Shu’aibu man on blue. I’m talking to Hamza Shuaibu don’t get yourself confused. He’s my friend and one of crew. To tell you about this friend of mine is not something new. People like Hamza Akoh Shuaibu are very few. Hamza Akoh Shuaibu is Igala by tribe not Jew. I didn’t ask you to take Mountain dew bcos i never finish telling you about Hamza Akoh Shuaibu who likes wearing suit. He tells the truth and not been rude. Hamza has brother called #Hood which everybody knew. I’m Aminu A. Musa by name i celebrate with you.
Hamza Akoh Shuaibu is from Kogi state not Ningi. He’s Hamza Akoh Shuaibu by name not Sunny Nigi. He’s last name ends with A not letter G. Hamza Akoh Shuaibu is a Biochemist not Anthropogist. He offered course at his O’level called biology. The guy Hamza Akoh Shuaibu accepts mistakes and apology. Hamza Akoh Shuaibu is Alhaji, and not stingy.
Hamza Akoh Shuaibu’s nickname is called Hamzacious. He’s a God fearing man and religious. Hamza Akoh Shuaibu is brave and courageous. Hamza Akoh Shuaibu is gorgeous not notorious. He likes the film Fast and Furious. Hamzacion likes everything delicious and take things serious.
Hamza Akoh Shuaibu got engaged with #Zainab Muhammad at the year 2015. Hamza is counted five not fifteen. He’s 24 years old not seventeen. Hamza Akoh Shuaibu is a friend in deen and friend indeed.

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