Happy birthday to you Adebayo #Olawunmi

Happy birthday to you Adebayo #Olawunmi. Olawunmi is my school friend not Ummi. She’s from Nigeria not Miami. The girl Olawunmi gives people company and doesn’t joke with her academy. She studied Mass comm (television production) not anatomy. She loves her daddy and mummy. Her daddy is a civil servant not army. She’s a good cook, singer and doesn’t play with Indomie. She remains Olawunmi by name not Omawomi.
Adebayo Olawunmi’s nickname is called #Wumxy not Weezy. Olawunmi is always available not busy. She’s a strong woman not lazy. Olawunmi always look beautiful not fuzzy. She’s sometimes nutty and doesn’t go beyond exits. She’s a fan of Donjazzy and never feel dizzy.
Olawunmi Adebayo is from Ogun state not Oyo. She washed her clothes with detergent not Omo. She’s a daughter of Adebayo not Alafin of Oyo. Furthermore, about Olawunmi Adebayo. She’s serving now at state her Ogun not Imo. I wish we were in school to play tennis once more.
Olawunmi Adebayo loved to be around with friends and families. She said to me “if i get married i doesn’t like a large family.” She speaks gently not harshly. Olawunmi gained her education honestly. She loved to drive car bentley and meet with singer R’kelly.

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