Happy birthday to #Naomi Duna

Happy birthday to #Naomi Duna. Naomi is a Nigerian not from Argentina. Naomi is a daughter of Duna not Maradona. Naomi likes drinks Called Maltina. She’s a corper now not runner. The girl Naomi greeted people in a friendly manner. When it comes to directing and scripting Naomi is a professioner. She’s an entrepreneur and business planner for beginners. She’s a Tv producer not cleaner. Everybody knows her with Naomi not Christiana or Anna.
Naomi Duna is born on 31st of May 1990. Her name is just five not plenty. She’s 27 years old not twenty. Naomi is pretty and doesn’t go to party. My regards to all family house plus your aunty. Lastly, Naomi is good not nasty.
Naomi Duna has both side dimple. Naomi girl likes Apple and people. Naomi simple and single. She’s a fine girl no pimples. You find Naomi in a rabble environment. In school then, she likes sitting in an angle. Naomi wear specs not goggle.
Naomi Duna hates gossip and fake friends. Naomi always expose her progress to friends. She shared her problems and pains with friends. She has fans like rains. All her family has brains and well trained. She has sense and never play with chance. She loves all Nta tvc lecturers plus Mr Lens. Naomi’s house is surrounded with fence. Small or big Naomi always appreciate and says thanks.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aminu.musa.5011

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