Happy birthday Ibrahim #Akibu Ibadan

Happy birthday Ibrahim #Akibu Ibadan. Today is the first day of Ramadan and it’s Akibu’s birthday Jagaban. Akibu is a son of Prof not Sultan. He has human relation and good family background. He reads all newspaper in Nigeria plus Vanguard. He’s from Nigeria not Jordan. He’s an independent fellow and doesn’t need assistance .He’s well composed and consistent. Akibu Ibrahim graduated from Nta Television College Jos Affiliated to the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria during the regime of former President Good Ebele Jonathan. Akibu Ibrahim’s brain never stop working or hang. He’s been called with names in his state, but Akibu prepares the don bcoz he never broke completely down. Akibu Ibrahim is educated and well pronounced.
Akibu is a die hard of the prestigious University ABU. He did Diploma, Degree and now running his Masters course at ABU. He never allows people to look down on the prestigious ABU just becoz he cherished the name ABU. People like Akibu Ibrahim are very few. I first had it from his mouth that ” ABU is naturally ahead of you” Think of it and view, but don’t get yourself confused. Akibu Ibrahim i pray that you should not only teach in the prestigious University but lecture in ABU. Happy birthday to you at Akibu Zabba’u!
Akibu Ibrahim is from a loyal family of Alafin of Oyo. Akibu Ibrahim likes meat and Kpomo. He wash his clothes with soap, jik and omo. He’s a friend that contact say hi or hallo. If Akibu wants something, he doesn’t go for cheap or that of promo. He’s from Ibadan state not Imo.
Akibu Ibrahim is a Journalist/ Tv producer and human activist. He likes sitting were there’s gist. If Akibu hears that you’re sick he’ll pay you a visit. I always wish to write something about you on my list becos you’re not a cultist or ritualist. Akibu doesn’t cut his finger nails except that he calls the manicurist. Akibu Ibrahim is a Television producer not biochemist.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aminu.musa.5011

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