Wow, trying to find the words to express how humbled and proud I feel after our event this weekend

Wow, trying to find the words to express how humbled and proud I feel after our event this weekend. There is a whole crew of wonderful people that facilitated making this final NFF show of the season a success. Our goal was to give the athletes a great experience because at the end of the day it is ALL about them – We have received so much positive feedback from the athletes so I think we accomplished that! My husband John, you know better than anyone that I’m crazy and I stress details and planning. Thank you for always supporting and encouraging me especially when I’m not feeling confident in myself, I love you so much bb!! Our volunteers – you are ALL simply amazing! Ramont and Mallory kept the entrance side of the stage running like a machine, flawless and perfectly smooth! Lawrence I can’t even imagine how many steps you got rounding up athletes and getting them to the pump up area, love you and your positive and energetic attitude! Tiffany in the morning and Jordan in the evening – ya’ll ran the exit side of the stage perfectly, keeping the athletes informed and keeping them there when it was needed! Tiffany and Julie the most beautiful and stacked awards presenters ever! Graceful and strong, love you both to pieces, thank you! Ashley and Gina, you both kept the entrance and the athlete area secure, I appreciate you SO much!! Clayton and Andrew ran ticket sales, I didn’t even have to worry for a second because I knew it was taken care of…priceless! Jennifer thank you for running our booth and slinging shirts and hats like a BOSS! And if that wasn’t enough you drug us back to Bastrop on Sunday so we could get our bikes, love you girl!! Pappa Ooh – I asked you to say our prayer before the show began and you nailed it. That part was so important to me because without Him none of this would have taken place. Thank you for helping Teri with urine tests (yep we take “natural” pretty serious). Emily you rocked being the MC at the last minute, thank you!!! Thank you to each of the judges Margo Dustin David Candace Wanda Bodyby WillPower – your job was not easy at that table because those athletes ALL came ready!! Jolinda and Tracy the athletes all looked amazing. Thank you for being our official makeup and tan providers! And last but most certainly not least Larry and Chrissie, our mentors – oh my goodness your guidance means so much to us. Thank you for providing insight, answering questions and just being there for us over the last year as we planned this! I CANNOT wait for next year!!!


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