Happy Sunday, my people

Happy Sunday, my people.
I created this account in 2012. Its been about six or seven years here. One thing I have done here is to own all my shit as much as I show glamour, the glamour in my intellect.
This is the only place where I can scatter and rebuild in.
I have shown you the good, the bad, the sufferhead, the stupid, the absolutely beautiful, the petty, the smart butt.
When people seek my opinion on issues or I am expected to air my view on something that is not professional or just in need of common sense, here is what I do;
Scan my own experiences on the issue, and give advise based on my own story. If I survived that experience, I will tell you what I did to survive, if I did not, I will tell you to avoid my path and find a new one.
If I have not experienced it at all, I will advise based on social patterns. What I have seen in my place or environment on the issue and lay the options before you to choose what you based on each consequence.
I cannot prescribe a solution to issues I have not either observed or been part of. 95% of my opinions on this space are either influenced by my own experiences, my background and what I believe is right. Much of it may sound stupid or out of place, but I can stand by it. There are stuff I can overlook, change, forgive that a lot of social media world people will spit at. Everybody on social media is self sufficient.
My opinions belong to me, I can state it here or outside here, its what is on my mind here or outside here. They are stupid, I know, they are silly, I know. In case you are new. I take my opinions personal. I give it because it worked for me. Whether you accept or not cannot change the fact that it is mine. For every nod, there is a refusal somewhere, so why the fuss?
Finally, before I disappear again, patronise me biko.
I can write for your blogs, do online jobs and make ads for your brand. If you can, holla at me on WhatsApp. 08027745745

How many times will I tell women to be careful on how they approach fertility issues? I just read a story on rant HQ now

How many times will I tell women to be careful on how they approach fertility issues? I just read a story on rant HQ now. Madam, if;
You are really okay
You know and have been certified okay and able to bear children
Then your husband refuses medical checks for years
And you know you can’t stay childless
I have said my own.
I think it is easier to stay without a husband if it gets to that than to be childless. Fruitful coparenting is better than childlessness. Stay woke biko. Before someone makes your life miserable for nothing. Its easier if your husband wants to be helped. But if he refuses and you know you are okay.
Just walk away.
He will bring children from another couple to deceive you and ruin you. Its easier for him to cover his shame and heap the blame on you.
Just move!

Well I agree, most of my opinions are crazy, silly, full of craving for male attention and filled with pick me, pick me attitudes

Well I agree, most of my opinions are crazy, silly, full of craving for male attention and filled with pick me, pick me attitudes. I don’t deny that. I even admit it myself sometimes. I need male validation. Plenty of it. I even approach men who I like for that reason.
But its not part of what keeps me up at night. I try everything to be better. I sell firewood, I have sold kerosene, I look for opportunities to be better. I love school, I get opportunities to remain there. I recently got one last year. I write for people, I do school outreaches, I teach disadvantaged school kids, I read like tomorrow does not exist, I love excellence and pursue it. I have also made some impact here. Some of my ramblings do inspire a small number and I am glad. The fact that I don’t talk about these things too often does not mean I don’t have any progresses that I am making. This is an alternate universe. Many people take it too serious. Sometimes, talk nonsense, unwind, advise, play, joke, yab others, show love.
Meanwhile, I need man;
These are the specifics;
Rich, handsome, responsible, good hearted, loving.
My future kids will not born themselves. I need man o!

I want to say that it is a bad habit to expose screenshots of chats you had with people

I want to say that it is a bad habit to expose screenshots of chats you had with people. IT IS A BAD HABIT.
Build social media confidence too. I have only done it once myself and in that circumstance, it was a whole different issue. I know that sexual harrassement is rife and there are both male and female irresponsible people who use Facebook to show their lack of decorum. But posting the chat is NOT the best thing to do. When a person becomes a thorn in the flesh, block them and move. That is exactly why the block button is there. To silence idiots.
Now that you have posted the shots, did the earth cease rotating round the sun?
Or did I suddenly not find Agbalumo in the market?
Idiotic people should be BLOCKED
Propositioning someone is not a crime. Some people just don’t know how to do it. I tell men who I like that I like them, one strand of my hair has not fallen off because of that. But unlike our Roddy brother, I do it with lots of decorum and understanding. In this situations, I often get good results, mainly because of my approach.
Block people who make you uncomfortable with their postings, messages, pictures. Its less expensive and less petty. That is the exact situation where “moving on” is advised. Block them and slide on. Social media is a free market. You can refuse stupidity easier. They don’t know you, you are tucked away safe in your house. Just click and its all gone. It speaks more badly of you than the other person if you keep sharing screenshots of private chats to incriminate, shame or expose other people when it is not a case of fraud. People will begin to keep away from you and cannot hold you in confidence when they really need your help. Stop it. When a person makes you uncomfortable and they don’t put food on your table;
Stay on top of your game here. But don’t discredit yourself in the name of shaming. Don’t demarket yourself.

So, my dears

So, my dears. This very year is power packed for me and busy. I intend to pick skills all around. This year is just for empowerment. Since I am graduating my first degree later this year, I hope that I pick skills too. So that if I have delays, I will be very occupied.
I hope to be able to fund my trainings on my own and accept help if there is any. If you have any jobs I can do, please let me know. I can write your articles, advertise your products, help you brand your business for a fee.
Holla at my WhatsApp on 08027745745
That said My prospective boss and teacher Joy Nnenna makes the best cakes and will make your events glow in her ingenious decorations. One of the best in the south east. Send a message for your catering and baking needs in your events. Come and be taught how yo do these things for a fee too. Nigeria is not smiling. Nobody will give you a job. Make a job by yourself.

Diabetes and you, I think I am in a good position to write about this

Diabetes and you
I think I am in a good position to write about this. The horrors of diabetes has affected me very much directly. Diabetes changed my life in a blink of an eye. My mum lost a limb and you all who had been here as at 2016 bore witness to how my life changed from then.
Diabetes occurs when the body can’t make enough insulin or can make none at all. I think my mum’s own started months or years before the foot got bad. She was not managing it, so when her foot got injured, it moved from bad to worse very quickly, with each day that went by, it drew nearer to the amputation that finally came.
Like many people, my mum did not pay heed to checking her sugar levels.
Just as you check your HIV, Hepatitis, blood pressure, etc status, its the same way you should check your sugar levels. Make it a hobby. Buy the glucometer for your family and buy the strips. Check as often as you can. I request for it each time I go to hospital and they are checking my vital signs. They check even if I have to pay.
My family, my life, my hopes got dashed big time because of this single negligence. I think I will only be able to document the extent of change we experienced in my life and as a family in a book when the time comes. .
Check your sugar levels. Check it!
You could be diabetic and not know until your organs start reacting and a cut becomes a very dangerous thing to have. It is worse if you don’t know at all so that you can treat wounds as urgently as they should be treated. Many times amputations happen because the wounded sufferers are diabetic and so have a harder time healing. I am a poster child for how a simple amputation surgery can change a family.
If you have a blood pressure checker, add a glucometer. 10,000 naira or a whole less can preserve your life and that of your family. Please, abeg. Get it. It will help you! Especially if you eat a lot of calories. Biko.

I remember very well in my senior secondary school days, I loved studying government

I remember very well in my senior secondary school days, I loved studying government. It was an attachment so big that I never got a B through out my nine terms in school. The concepts, intricacies and how real the stories were pulled me into it. There is no government principle that I can’t explain without blinking. None at all. Call it anything. No basic principle I don’t know about.
I enjoyed the classes. By estimates, my classmates really thought I was going to study politics. Looking at my GCE results again today, I am filled with pure happiness in the memories made.
Today, the Nigerian polity is not exciting anymore. Its same ol’ story, same people, same thing. Political analysis is an exciting vocation. But the Naija version will cripple your jump. What is it that shows that we will have an election next month? I would say its the same thing. People are sleeping, some are put in sensitive positions that will determine the outcome of the elections and everyone is keeping quiet. Party politics is so bland here. Everybody doing the same thing.
It will make you sad when you know that your voice will not make much difference. The same people in power fifty years ago are still in power now. They will be in power come next month. Let me keep up with talking all the small things I know and leave politics biko.
They told me on radio that my card is ready in my LGA, yet when I went there, they said its not there yet. How will I vote? I will just sleep in my house that day. I have been there not less than five times.
I don’t tire, let me go and find hot suya.

Nobody is indispensable

Nobody is indispensable. That’s what 2019 is already teaching me. I did not have to trouble that much. Walahi. Better things are on the way. Much better than the former. In every are of your life. Did you lose money? another one will come. Did you lose a love interest? A better, kinder promise of it will show. Did you lose a friend? Another one will find you. Did you fuck up in your first degree? You can always start over and do better. Nothing, nobody is irreplaceable. Don’t fret, don’t pull down yourself. You will bounce back. There is no loss that you can’t recover. I have seen it play out in my life over and over last year.
God gave me opportunities to redo my life again and be fulfilled, I am not taking any chances at all.
You will be fine. God is not a God of “opportunity come but once”
With your effort and his grace, opportunities will always come.

My friend Chukwuka Chiluba wrote something that caught my attention

My friend Chukwuka Chiluba wrote something that caught my attention. Its about polygamous families and I agree with her completely. I love polygamy, I might not object to being in one if my husband puts me in the know from the very beginning and takes a cool headed woman. My problem will start when he denies me a relationship with the woman who came before or after me and her children. That is where kasala will burst. Madam, if we are sharing one husband, one father for our kids, you better calm down and enjoy me too. If I can share a man with you in matrimony, there is nothing you ask that I won’t do. That is some high level realisation of another person. The husband must as a matter of fact provide more than adequately for all of us. Since he wants more than one, he must carry everybody along. If not, I will go away respectfully and raise my children well.
There is however an emerging problem with polygamy that people don’t recognise or pretend not to know. Many of the women in polygamous families are legit single mothers. You would think that they are married to men who have money and so would be taken care of. Na lie. Most of them are left to their own devices to take care of their kids. I dare say that the way polygamy has evolved, its now a ploy by poor men to evade responsibility. They marry two or three wives, give them a room each, go in to them and impregnate them and then that’s it. Some don’t even pay delivery fees. Their own duty is to impregnate the women. If any of them demands that he should do better as a father, he will begin to talk nonsense. While the rich ones step away from polygamy, the absolutely poor ones use it as a ploy to cover up their irresponsible behaviours. I did not say my husband should not marry another wife. But the moment that decision of his begins to affect my standard of living adversely or that of my kids, then bye. About seven in ten women in polygamous families are single mums. Take it or leave it. If a man marries only a wife and is not doing his duties well, people will find out, but if he marries many wives, his shame is covered. It now becomes a wife to wife competition for his attention and love, so much so that sometimes these women even neglect their children. It is a pitiable situation. God help us o!


I dreamed of having a travel blog to document my travels after I so enjoyed regaling my friends here with tales after I visited Lagos.
I suffered funding setbacks too. I did not have a lot and it affected me.
Most of my dreams don’t survive because I don’t have money or have it as much as I should to make it come true.
But this year I am willing to change a whole lot about that. I need a virtual job that pays well so I can save for my needs and cheap travels. Let me know if you have links to such.
If you need company for your travels, do let me know.
If you know brands that hire models or workers in exchange for travel sponsorships, let me know.
I am ready to find happiness this year.
Let it begin to happen.